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FITVO. Ambassador program


 We want to become the biggest fitness and socially responsible community in the world. Create a community committed to become the best version of themselves and at the same time helping out their society reach the top as well.


The FITVO. AMBASSADORS program is not just a way of identifying yourself as someone that likes sports, it is a way of telling people you love challenges, you hustle to be on top, you try your best everyday and you are willing to try harder until you reach your goal and help others reach theirs.


At FITVO. we know that becoming our best is only up to us, and we work hard everyday to make it happen. We also know that there are a lot of people out there that are giving their best everyday as well so we want to be there for them and also have the privilege of being represented by them. We want you to be proud of being part of our team just as much as we will be proud of having you call yourself a FITVO. AMBASSADOR.





The FITVO. AMBASSADOR program is for great people with special qualities. First of all you have to love sports. Second we need people who know how to identify the best quality in sportswear and that will demand us better clothes everytime. Third you should be a person that likes to make a positive impact on others, everyone has their own way of helping out, but it is important to be a positive role model to your society. Finally and most important, we are looking for fitness enthusiasts always willing to challenge themselves. We want you who´s just starting to workout for the first time, you who has been in and out and is trying again, and you who´s definitely a pro and is trying to become even better, we want you all! As long as you are trying to better yourself, you are meant to be in the FITVO. AMBASSADOR program.





  • Upload pictures with your FITVO. clothes when you train and/or help others at least once a week. Always tag us and use #fitvo.
  • Identify yourself as a @fitvoapparel ambassador on your social media profiles.
  • Be a proud ambassador of the FITVO. brand and inspire others to become the best version of themselves.
  • Finally, you know that social responsibility is a big part of FITVO., if you are ever involved in a social project or are helping out your society in some way let us know, we´ll love to spread the word.





  • Exposure through our social media.
  • Get discounts for you and a discount code for your followers. We´ll be reviewing the usage of each code, the top used codes will get special rewards.
  • Be the first to know about our new products and special news.
  • Receive special prices for special contributions.
  • Participate in special offers and contests.


Basically let us recognize your hard work and help you tell the world about it!





Send us an email to with your:


  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Age.
  • Social media username/s (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


And answer these four simple questions:


  • Why do you want to be a FITVO. AMBASSADOR?.
  • What thrives you to become the best version of yourself?.
  • What do you expect from the ambassador program?.
  • Are you currently involved with a social Project?, If yes, what is it?.


We will answer your email right away and let you know more details of the program, what we expect from you and the rewards you'll get.